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Canine Diarrhoea

Every dog ​​owner is probably familiar with diarrhea. Most dogs suffer from acute or chronic diarrhea several times in their lives, some animals even permanently.

Canine food intolerances: what’s in your dog’s food bowl?

Dogs with food intolerance often suffer from digestive problems or skin problems.

Cushing's in dogs

If Cushing's is not recognized in time, the disease can have serious health consequences.

Good oils for healthy dogs

Oils also play an important role in a healthy diet for dogs. Many wonder which oil is right for their dog. Finally, good oils are of essential importance due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids that the organism needs but cannot produce itself.

Körperliche Folgen von Stress beim Hund - Darm & Immunsystem

Stressinduzierte Darmprobleme bei Hunden können das Immunsystem schwächen und Ihren Hund anfälliger für Erreger machen.

Körperliche Folgen von Stress beim Hund - Magen

Stress hits the stomach, and this is also the case with many dogs. Stress hormones have a direct influence on the gastrointestinal tract and this can have consequences, especially with ongoing stress.

Leishmaniasis – a dangerous holiday souvenir

The sand or butterfly fly, native to Mediterranean countries, is responsible for one of the most dangerous Mediterranean diseases, leishmaniasis. The number of leishmaniasis cases has increased significantly in recent years.

Lyme disease in dogs - just one bite, long-term consequences

Borrelia is a bacteria transmitted from ticks to dogs - and our sniffing noses can come into contact with ticks almost all year round.

Mites in dogs

If your dog is constantly scratching, if their skin is scaly or covered with pustules or scabs, and if their hair is falling out, they may have mites.

Osteoarthritis in dogs

Osteoarthritis in dogs and the associated wear and tear on the joints results in unpleasant pain for the dog.

Stomach problems in dogs

Although the dog's stomach is very robust, it can become unbalanced due to various factors.

What a faecal test can tell you about your dog's health

Dogs often come into contact with parasites, bacteria and sometimes viruses that lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In many cases, the cause of the symptoms can be found out by examining a stool sample.