Herbal liquids

Ewalia - pure nature, produces natural herbal mixtures in liquid form free of chemical preservatives or added sugar. The production of coordinated mixtures of herbs for dietary supplements is based on traditional knowledge combined with current scientific knowledge and in cooperation with veterinarians. The liquid dosage form ensures high bioavailability. Only certified herbs are used for further processing.

We have herbal juices for the topics:

The most desirable herbal juices ?

for a relaxed mood
is also suitable for competition
with the strengthening properties of teasel

The whole range

with valuable respiratory herbs and honey
ideal for mares in transition periods
for regular bowel function
helps to support natural gastric function
suitable for tournaments
for vitality and energy
with the power of echinacea
with the power of milk thistle
for free movement
ideal for reconditioning work
for a relaxed mood
is also suitable for competition