Ewalia knowledge – Herbal Lexicon




Anise not only gives Christmas biscuits a fine aroma, but is also a well-known remedy that quickly brings relief to horses and dogs with digestive problems and respiratory diseases.

Aronia berry

The black berry of the aronia is characterized by the high content of bioactive ingredients that are said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Birch leaves and birch bark

Birch leaves and birch bark have a revitalizing effect on the organism. With their diuretic, mildly draining effect, birch leaves help flush out the kidneys and bladder and are ideal for detoxifying spring cures.
Schwarzkuemmel Schwarzkuemmelöl

Black Cumin Oil

"Black cumin heals every disease except death" was handed down hundreds of years ago. The great potential of the cold-pressed oil provides your pet with an "all-round package".
Brombeeren am Strauch


It is not the sweet fruit, however, but the leaves and roots that matter here.


Its use as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-irritant home remedy is based on many years of experience.

Comfrey Root (Comfrey)

For external use in bruises, sprains, tendinitis, gallbladder or pinched nerves up to broken bones, comfrey is very often used, especially in veterinary medicine.

Common dandelion

It stimulates the metabolism, promotes digestion, is diuretic and transports harmful substances out of the body.

Common hops

Hops are first associated with brewing beer, but even as a pure herb, hops have a calming effect.
Echter Ehrenpreis

Common Speedwell

In conjunction with other herbs, the medicinal plant can unfold its gentle effect on sensitive stomachs and skin problems.

Common Walnut

The leaves of the real walnut mainly have an astringent, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. They stimulate the metabolism and clean the blood. The walnut was already considered a symbol of fertility and good luck in ancient times.
Wermut Wermutkraut

Common wormwood

However, common wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) has much more to offer than a bitter taste: As a medicinal plant, it helps against digestive problems and strengthens the immune system.


Damiana (Turnera diffusa) has been used in Mexico since ancient times to treat muscle and nerve weakness, exhaustion and dizziness.
afrikanische Teufelskralle

Devil's Claw

As a medicinal plant, it is used, among other things, to relieve joint pain or indigestion.

Downy hemp-nettle

The hollow tooth contains, among other things, the substance harpagid, an active ingredient in devil's claw, which is known for its anti-inflammatory effect.
Sonnenhut Echinacea


In Western phytotherapy, coneflowers are now considered the most important means of strengthening the immune system.


The active ingredients in the fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo tree promote blood circulation, protect nerve cells and can reduce the signs of aging in horses and dogs.


In fact, the active ingredients of the ginseng root stimulate the immune system, stimulate the metabolism and have a positive effect on stress and exhaustion.

Globe Artichoke

The bitter rosette leaves of the artichoke are considered inedible, but they contain valuable ingredients that relieve digestive problems and promote the metabolism of the liver.

Great Yellow Gentian

Gentian is effective for digestive problems and is considered an excellent means of strengthening the entire organism.
Weißdorn Hagedorn


Today hawthorn is considered "food for the heart" and a basic remedy for heart failure.
Pferde weiden auf einer Wiese

Herbs for Horses and Pets

The use of herbs and spices as supplementary feedstuffs serves to promote animal health and improve performance.


Horseradish is better known in Austria as "horseradish". The positive effect of the hot horseradish root on the horse's well-being has experienced a true revival in recent years.


Lavender is one of the best known and most popular aromatic plants, but at the same time it is also an effective medicinal herb against restlessness, nervousness and stress reactions.
Melisse Blatt

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has a beneficial effect on nervous complaints in horses and dogs. The medicinal herb, which smells of lemons, has an all-round relaxing effect – both on the mind and on gastrointestinal complaints.