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24/7 turnout – the more, the better?

How species-appropriate is that for our horses? You can read here where problems can arise and what you should consider before you decide on 24-hour grazing.
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A stable electrolyte balance is very important in the warm summer months

The body needs electrolytes and nutrients to be available quickly, especially during periods of high stress and heat.

Blood count horse - what the lab values reveal

A laboratory blood test provides important information about the health of the horse and is an essential part of veterinary diagnostics.
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Colic and oestrus - is there a connection?

The horse's digestive system is a highly complex system.

Coughing in horses

The sudden weather change from autumn to winter has taken place and you can already hear horses coughing from the stalls, the hall or in the paddock.
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Cushing's in horses!

If your horse shows clear changes in behavior or appearance, such as problems with shedding, laminitis, fat pads, your horse probably suffers from Equine Cushing's Syndrome (ECS).
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During shedding the liver and kidneys are under great strain!

The change of coat and the more stressed metabolism that comes with it can lead to an overload of the liver and kidneys. The smallest signs should already be warning signs for horse owners.

EMS in horses

Obesity and lack of exercise in horses are often the causes of serious metabolic disorders.
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Equine sarcoids

The equine sarcoid is the most common skin tumor in horses. The skin growths, known as sarcoids, are usually benign and do not metastasize to internal organs, but can severely affect horses and develop into a skin tumor.
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EWALIA Basis Mineral

We have developed a mineral base mixture that is optimal for the care of many horses.

Free faecal water syndrome in horses

The causes of digestive problems in horses and the resulting watery faeces and flatulence are as colorful and varied as the collection of saddle pads in many a saddle cupboard.
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Headshaking in horses

What does headshaking mean? Find out about symptoms and causes, as well as treatment options. Adaptogenic plants give hope...
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Help for "bad hooves"

Hoof problems can put your horse out of action for a long time! A horse can only perform at its best when its hooves are stable and resilient.

Help for equine osteoarthritis?

Feared, irreversible and incurable: the diagnosis "arthrosis" often means the end for sport and leisure horses. Are there ways and means to stop the progression of arthrosis?
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Kissing Spines

Kissing Spines describes a condition in horses where the spinous processes of the spine touch each other. But that doesn't necessarily mean the end of your horse's career.

KPU – a controversial metabolic disorder

If the liver, kidneys and intestines are constantly overloaded, the risk of metabolic disorders increases.

Lyme disease in horses

Borreliosis (Lyme borreliosis) leads to a wide variety of symptoms in horses, and treatment is often not effective.

Mites in horses

Mites are everywhere. The eight-legged arachnids inhabit our homes, the stables of our horses, and some species also live on or in the horse's skin.
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Moving yard – a challenge for horses and owners

Here you can read why horses have problems with a change of stable and how you can make it easier for your horse to get used to the new stable.

Muscle development in horses

Whether in show jumping, dressage or other disciplines: the muscles are the most important prerequisite for keeping the horse healthy.
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Navicular disease in horses

So-called "navicular disease" is a nightmare for ambitious riders: Podotrochlosis (navicular disease, navicular syndrome) is one of the most common causes of chronic lameness in riding horses.

Pastern dermatitis

If the bad weather continues in autumn, horse owners often have to contend with equine mallenders.
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Poisonous plants in horse feeds

“All things are poison and nothing is without poison; the dose alone makes a thing not poison.”