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Perhaps you've seen them at the Appassionata or the Equitana: the black Friesians of the show team Moments in Black. Majestic Friesians and their riders adorned in exquisite Baroque costumes and tack.

Moments in Black was started in 1998 by four riders in Austria, who met by chance (or destiny?) at a yard one day and began to train their four Friesian horses together. They learnt many circus tricks, and their enthusiasm to perform these together in front of an audience grew. After some initial small appearances, they moved right on to performing for the equine trade fairs in Wiener Neustadt and in Wels.

Four of the members toured Europe with the famous Appassionata show during the 2018-2019 season, performing in Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, and Switzerland. Moments in Black were also invited to perform in France. They even flew with Holger Ehlers to Saudi Arabia under the guidance of team leader Sarah Fritzenwanker to present their "black pearls" at the Jeddah Festival, a multicultural event featuring art, culture and music, where the group attracted international attention. Six other members appeared in the spectacular "Dancing Lights" LED show at the EQUITANA in Germany, the world's largest horse fair and the Olympus of show riding.

The group has meanwhile grown to 38 and is the largest Friesian show riding group in Austria. Its members range from professional and elite riders to active members who only take part in regional appearances. Director Barbara Simon takes care of the organisation and correspondence and is a driving and binding force behind the Moments in Black family.

However, the group could not exist without the initiative and responsibility of its individual members, each of whom is responsible for their horse's training. All the horses must learn special circus tricks and have a basic mastery of dressage. Some of them compete at the Grand Prix level, and three have been awarded the coveted SPORT title in M class from the KFPS (Netherlands) and FFÖ (Austria). Group rehearsals mostly take place right before events, as the members are spread out across the country, so real teamwork and solidarity are required. The focus, however, is clearly on the horses. Each horse is uniquely talented and goes on to undertake further training and use. The group finds motivation in the pleasure of the work and training. But the audience's applause is and remains a very special moment, when all participants recognize that they can live their dream together with their Friesians. Their secret of success is that everyone puts their whole heart into their work and that the horses are their best friends. Their love for their horses is palpable at every Moments in Black show.

By chance (or destiny?), Cornelia and Ewald Seidl met with Barbara Simon and Cordula Wedlich to talk about Ewalia. Moments in Black were already enthusiastic about our products and hoped to be sponsored by an Austrian company that also had an active team with lots of spirit. Since 2018 we have been proudly supporting the Austrian Friesian show group Moments in Black and supply these mostly long-maned Friesians with our Mane & Tail Care Spray and Herbal Hoof Care Oil, so that they shine for every show. And, naturally, our other herbal liquids are wholly welcome.

We wish to thank the entire team of Moments in Black, especially Barbara Simon and Cordula Wedlich for being a part of our team as well and for finding time between appearances to be photographed with your horses!