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Jessica was born in 1984 into a professional circus family and performed at an early age as a show rider whilst touring Europe with the Busch-Roland Circus and the Moscow State Circus. In 1997 her family joined the equestrian musical show “Der Zauberwald”, after which she received regular riding instruction and thrilled audiences whilst riding Baroque horses. Two years later, at the age of 14, she got her first show horse, the Andalusian stallion “Mescalero”, and thus began her great love for dressage riding. Jessica attended the German Riding School in Warendorf, where she also developed her competitive ambitions.

After completing school she went on to become an apprentice groom specialising in horse breeding and management. In 2004 she began working towards becoming a horse trainer and soon had the opportunity to do so at the stables of Heiner Schiergen. Not long afterwards she enjoyed her first successes in state and national championships at S level. She completed her training in two years with high marks.

 In 2007 she placed in her first S-level shows with her Friesian stallion Zorro. A year later she enjoyed her first wins at S-level and in 2010 received her Golden Rider Badge. In 2014, Jessica decided to break out on her own. She had by then over 200 wins and places, from S class to CDI-W Grand Prix, in addition to over 500 wins and places in riding horse and dressage horse tests, along with over 7,500 appearances in shows with horses. In 2020 she placed for the first time at the FEI World Cup level, and the following year earned her first international Grand Prix victory, putting her in 78th place in the FEI World Rankings. Arguably her biggest victory so far, it promises many more great successes to come. In any case, her future looks exciting.