EWALIA Basic Mineral for horses

A high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement feed for horses of all breeds. Use year round.

  • suitable for horses with metabolic problemst
  • low sugar

Feed Recommendation Horse (500kg)👌

The recipe was developed for horses from the age of three that need maintenance.

  • 1x daily 100g (= 1 1/2 measuring scoops

alfalfa,  apple pomace,  calcium,  corn oil,  linseed,  magnesium,  molasses,  sodium,  wheat (flaked) calcareous seaweed calcium ,  wheat bran,  wheat bran
Free of
added sugar,  animal testing,  chemical preservatives,  coloring agent
Analytical components
Verdauliche Energie: 6,05 MJ
Rohfaser 9,8%
Rohöle und -fette 5,7%
Rohasche 43,1%
Lysin: 2,0%
Methionin: 1,5%
Calcium: 10,0%
Phosphor: 2,0%
Natrium: 2,0%
Magensium: 3,0%
with vets
pure nature
dosage form
Free from

The ingredients explained


Der hochwertige Proteinlieferung mit essentiellen Aminosäuren

apple pomace

Der schmackhafte Leckerbissen für eine gesunde Verdauung


Der essentielle Mineralstoff für die Festigkeit von Knochen und Zähnen

corn oil

Das wertvolle Futteröl reich an Omega-6 Fettsäuren und Beta Carotin



For good digestion



The essential mineral for nerves and muscles


Das leicht verdauliche Kraftfutter reich an Pektin



The essential mineral for our nerves and cells

wheat (flaked) calcareous seaweed calcium

Der essentielle Mineralstoff für die Festigkeit von Knochen und Zähnen

wheat bran

Das Kraftfutter für die rasche Energiezufuhr im Sport und bei der Arbeit

wheat bran

Das nährstoffreiche Zusatzfutter, reich an Ballaststoffen

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Our promises to you

For us, the well-being of animals & human first. Ewalia was born out of the plight of one of our horses suffering from a chronic cough. Since then we have been lovingly manufacturing natural products made from the best, natural ingredients - and that will always be the case. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.