EWALIA Pumpkin-Black Cumin Sticks for Horses 1kg

A healthy reward for Horses with pumpkin seeds and black cumin. Due to the low proportion of sugar reduced molasses the manufacturing temperature can be kept low and precious vitamins and fat accompanying substances will remain in the Treats.

  • grain free
  • low sugar content
  • with blck cumin
  • with pumpkin seeds
black cumin press cake,  calcium propionate,  molasses,  pumpkin seeds press cake,  apple pomace,  diatomaceous earth,  alfalfa
Free of
animal testing,  coloring agent,  grain,  preservatives
Analytical components
crude protein 15,50%
crude fat 6,00%
crude fi bre 20,00%
crude ash 7,30%
calcium 1,07%
phosphor 0,22%
sodium 0,12%

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Our promises to you

Animal welfare is our priority & human first. Ewalia was born out of the plight of one of our horses suffering from a chronic cough. Since then we have been lovingly manufacturing natural products made from the best, natural ingredients - and that will always be the case. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.