Immune Vitality Liquid and Aronia Powder make the perfect immune booster supplement. Immune Vitality Liquid's blend of herbs supports both metabolism and the gastrointestinal tract, forming a foundation to boost natural defences. The addition of Aronia Powder provides the body with an outstanding supply of vitamins and minerals as well as many healthy and natural secondary plant substances to help to keep the body strong during colder months.

Immune Vitality Liquid from Ewalia Feed supplement for internal support of the immune system. Immune Vitality Liquid supports the body's natural defences in times of high susceptibility to infection, weak immune system and general weakness.

High-concentrate herbal extract: (water, rose hips, echinacea, liquorice, fennel, gentian, hawthorn, nettle, balm)

Analytical constituents: Moisture content 98% Crude protein < 0.5% Crude fat < 0.4% Crude ash < 0.6% Crude fibre < 0.5%

Dosage instructions (500 kg horse) For preventive use: 40 ml 2x daily For acute cases: double or triple dosage for at least 10 days Switch to preventive dosage after condition has improved. FEI waiting period: 2 days

Recommendation: For optimum effect, administer over a longer period of time (3-8 weeks).

Aronia Powder from Ewalia Base feed for horses. High in vitamins, minerals, fibre, flavonoids and OPC, supports the immune system and the body's natural cellular protective mechanisms. Helps to neutralise free radicals in the body and protect cells for greater endurance and performance.

Recommended feeding for horses (500 kg) 50 g (1 scoop) 1x daily Dosage can be doubled for urgent need

Ingredients: 100% organic aronia pomace from the peels and seeds of aronia berries

Filling quantity: 800 g / 3 kg 1 measuring scoop

fennel,  stinging nettle,  hawthorn,  rosehip,  gentian root,  purple coneflower,  lemon balm,  liquorice root
Free of
added sugar,  coloring agent,  preservatives
Analytical components
EWALIA Immunvitalsaft für Pferde 1L

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The ingredients explained



For respiratory and digestive health

stinging nettle-Media

stinging nettle

The universal healing herb



For a healthy cardiovascular system



The native immunity booster

gentian root-Media

gentian root

More vitality with Alpine energy

purple coneflower-Media

purple coneflower

For a strong immune system

lemon balm-Media

lemon balm

Proven since antiquity to relieve physical and mental over-stimulation

liquorice root-Media

liquorice root

Is soothing to irritated mucous membranes

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