Black Cumin Oil is the perfect complement to our proven Airway Respiratory Care Liquid. It is a high-quality source of energy which is especially needed in cold months due to increased consumption. In addition, it is said to have many positive effects on the entire body. Black cumin oil is said to support the lungs by loosening mucus and impurities. It also strengthens and modulates the immune system through the vitamins it contains.

Airway Respiratory Care Liquid from Ewalia Feed supplement for horses, supports natural respiratory function in the airways. Herbs like thyme, sage, fennel, marsh mallow, eucalyptus, anise, and liquorice are widely known to loosen mucus, relieve coughing irritation and support the bronchial passages.

High-concentrate herbal extract: Water, thyme, nettle, marsh mallow, sage, fennel, liquorice, camomile, anise, eucalyptus, honey

Analytical constituents:
Moisture content 95%
Crude protein < 0,5%
Crude fat < 0,4%
Crude ash < 0,6%
Crude fibre < 0,5%

Dosage instructions (500 kg horse)
For preventive use: 40 ml 2x daily
For moderate cases: 80 ml 2x daily
For acute cases: 100 ml 2 - 3x daily
Switch to preventive dosage after condition has improved
FEI waiting period: 2 days

Recommendation: For optimum effect, administer over a longer period of time (3-8 weeks).

Black Cumin Oil from Ewalia Base feed for horses, made from cold-pressed Egyptian black cumin. Supports the body's natural defences in the lungs, skin and intestines. Rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Recommended feeding (500 kg horse) 15 - 30 ml 1x daily Dosage can be doubled for urgent need

Ingredients: 100% cold-pressed black cumin oil

Filling quantity: 1 litre

fennel,  thyme,  stinging nettle,  honey,  licorice,  eucalyptus,  sage,  liquorice root,  chamomile,  marsh mallow,  anise
Free of
added sugar,  coloring agent,  preservatives
Analytical components
EWALIA Halswohlsaft für Pferde 1L

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23 April 2024 16:11


Mein Pferd hat seit letztem Jahr gerade im Frühjahr wenn alles blüht ziemliche Probleme gehabt mit husten und auch eine sehr schwere Atmung. Ich habe sämtliche Sachen probiert nichts hat geholfen oder war nur von kurzer Dauer. Ich habe mich daher für den Ewalia haslwohlsaft und das schwarzkümmelöl entschieden. Und was soll ich sagen ? Ich füttere beides jetzt seit 4 Wochen und habe ein komplett anderes Pferd vor mir. Für diejenigen die es interessiert ich füttere täglich den halswohlsaft und 3x die Woche mash mit den schwarzkümmelöl. Ich bin so glücklich das es meinem Pferd wieder so gut geht und wenn ich könnte würde ich 1000 Sterne geben. Ganz ganz liebe Grüße und macht weiter so ☺️

The ingredients explained



For respiratory and digestive health



The antibacterial respiratory soother

stinging nettle-Media

stinging nettle

The universal healing herb



Sweet bee gold



Soothing to irritated mucous membranes



For easy respiration



“Healing” sage is a traditional remedy for relieving mucous membrane inflammations

liquorice root-Media

liquorice root

Is soothing to irritated mucous membranes



The mother of medicinal herbs

marsh mallow-Media

marsh mallow

The ultimate relief for irritated skin and mucous membranes



The beneficial expectorant and antispasmodic

Our promises to you

For us, the well-being of animals & human first. Ewalia was born out of the plight of one of our horses suffering from a chronic cough. Since then we have been lovingly manufacturing natural products made from the best, natural ingredients - and that will always be the case. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.