EWALIA Pure Brewer´s Yeast for horses

Feed material for horses for stabilising, strengthening and regulating proper digestion and a harmonious metabolism. Ideal for support during shedding, grazing and in times of increased pressure on the digestive system. Rich in essential amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

Feed Recommendation (Horse 500kg) 👌
  • 60g once daily (1 measuring spoon)
  • Double the quantity if necessary.
brewers yeast
Free of
added sugar,  animal testing,  chemical preservatives,  coloring agent,  preservatives
with vets
pure nature
dosage form
Free from

The ingredients explained

brewers yeast-Media

brewers yeast

The superfood for skin, hair, gut, and connective tissue

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May 1, 2020 12:02

I give my dressage pony Pure ...

I give my dressage pony Pure Brewer’s Yeast to support his digestion. Especially when my horse is nervous, for example in competition situations, my beloved friend shows digestion problems. To support my pony in competitions, I feed Pure Brewer’s Yeast.

March 1, 2020 12:03

I feed Pure Brewer’s Yeast to ...

I feed Pure Brewer’s Yeast to my Noriker Horse and to my German Shepherd as well. It seems their coats are shinier and softer.

March 1, 2020 12:06

I started to feed Pure Brewer’...

I started to feed Pure Brewer’s Yeast as a friend recommended it to cope with digestive problems. Ever since, my horse suffered from fecal water, which was severely bad in spring and fall. In combination with Bowel Vitality Liquid, the situation is under control and I am beyond happy I found some products to help my horse. Even though it smells weird for humans, my horse loves the taste.

January 1, 2020 12:17

Ich nutze die Bierhefe für ...

Ich nutze die Bierhefe für meinen Noriker und seit neuestem auch für den Schäferhund. Ich habe das Gefühl das Fell der beiden glänzt schöner und ist weicher geworden.

May 1, 2020 09:44

Mijn dressuurpony krijgt de ...

Mijn dressuurpony krijgt de Pure Brewer’s Yeast voor de spijsvertering. Vooral als hij gespannen is, bijvoorbeeld voor wedstrijden, heeft hij last van een slechte spijsvertering. Ik gebruik de Pure Brewer’s Yeast om mijn “kleine” ook bij wedstrijden te ondersteunen, want ik kan het ook op reguliere trainingsdagen voeren.

Free faecal water syndrome in horses

The causes of digestive problems in horses and the resulting watery faeces and flatulence are as colorful and varied as the collection of saddle pads in many a saddle cupboard.

The proper transition to grass in spring

The spring pasture is a delight. But be careful: switching to pasture grass too quickly carries the risk of diarrhea, colic and, in the worst case, laminitis.

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Our promises to you

For us, the well-being of animals & human first. Ewalia was born out of the plight of one of our horses suffering from a chronic cough. Since then we have been lovingly manufacturing natural products made from the best, natural ingredients - and that will always be the case. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.

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