Report: The focus is on keeping our dear horses healthy

Portrait Ewalia Team neben einem Pferd

The Styrian company Ewalia knows how to harness this power and grew to become an international player in the horse industry.  

 The first Walt Disney films were made on a self-built drawing table in a garage in Hollywood. 53 years later, about 550 km further south, Steve Jobs made his first products functional, also in a garage. They were later to become world famous under the company name "Apple". For many well-known companies, the garage was the place where it all began. Where constructions were made, plans were created and others were discarded. But successful garage companies do not only exist overseas. A well-known Austrian company also started in a similar way. Cornelia and Ewald Seidl may not have been tinkering between winter tires and toolboxes, but they were working on the first recipes for their herbal juices in the riding room of their own stable. In 2016, they founded the company Ewalia and specialized in the production of natural products for keeping horses and dogs healthy. In the meantime, they are supported by 17 employees* and have made it to Europe-wide fame. 

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