Valentina Strobl

Favourite animal: Horses an dogs

EWALIA in just one word: effective

Favourite product:  Gastro Care Liquid and Nerve Care Liquid

Personal #: #trainfairorridehome #teamworkmakesthetreamwork

About Valentina:

Valentina started riding when she was four years old. She received enthusiastic encouragement from her mother, Petra Strobl, who herself had competed in showjumping. Petra Strobl still trains daily with her daughter and rides all their competition horses once a week.

Valentina caught the horse bug as well, and at age 9 she was given her first pony, Taifun, with whom she began to compete in 2010. The mother-daughter duo took over the horse's schooling together, but the day soon arrived when Valentina literally outgrew the 134-cm Taifun. In 2013 she moved up to larger horses, and Pia came into her life.

The following year, however, brought devastating news when Valentina was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Pia gave Valentina her full heart and soul from day one. She was especially attentive to her rider's needs, and simply became Valentina's best friend.

In 2018 she started competing in para-dressage and is now a front runner! This year, after successfully completing her school-leaving exams in the field of Sport and Event Management at an Austrian academy for commercial studies, she's taking a short break before university to concentrate fully on riding and on her horses, because one of her greatest goals is to compete at the Olympics.

About her horses:

Bequia Simba, a Hanoverian gelding born in 2010 by Bequia x Sandro, whom Valentina lovingly calls "Simbi". It was love at first sight between the two, and Valentina speaks of a special connection between Simbi, her mother and herself. They describe him as an impressive specimen, and he too seems to be aware that he's quite a looker.
 Cypria F ("Pia") is a Hanoverian mare born in 2003 by Contendro x Ritual. In contrast to Simbi, her basic temperament is more reserved and careful, but for Valentina she always gives 150%. Together, the two have achieved more than Valentina ever dreamed possible.

Greatest achievements:

Multiple state champion in Tyrol, victories up to M**, international wins and places on the Junior Tour, places in S class, 2018 Nations Cup victory with the junior team in Hungary, participation in the 2018 European Junior Riders Championships in France, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd place in freestyle with over 74% Grade at CPEDI International (para-dressage) Grade V.

Favourite Ewalia product:

Their muscle products, because Simbi has become a real hulk since he's been getting a combination of Muscle Vitality Liquid and Muscle Power. The Nerve Care Liquid helps Pia stay composed and concentrated before and during competitions.

 Dear Valentina, we are so happy to have such a dynamic and motivated young woman like you on our team, and wish you all the best on your path with your horses. We hope to see you competing in Tokyo!