Rene Hutter

Favourite animal: Dogs

EWALIA in just one word: terrific

Favourite product: Airway Respiratory Care Liquid, because it smells so good

Personal #: #coffeejunkie #talkerNOT #oldcarlove #tuningverbindet

Every morning, Rene can be seen giving a cheerful wave from the production kitchen. His relaxed and agreeable manner makes him a very appreciated team colleague and an exemplary employee. He always gives a hand where one is needed, and never does anything halfway. His work ethic is contagious – working with Rene makes the time go by quickly.

When our gentle giant isn't in the production kitchen diligently making Ewalia herbal liquids, he may be found on a walk with his girlfriend and her daughter or behind the wheel of one of his special cars. Rene's true passion lies in car tuning, which he does with great love for detail. His Facebook profile boasts photos of sleek cars, polished to perfection and photographed in beautiful surroundings. Photos are proudly shown to colleagues, especially those of his white Keke Rosberg special edition Opel Calibra 705. He enjoys showing it at Opel driver meet-ups when time and circumstances permit.