Lisa Fritz
Team Office

Favourite animal: Horses 

EWALIA in just one word: eco-friendly

Favourite product: The Airway Respiratory Care Liquid, which has helped her COPD horse quite well in acute stages.

Personal #: #staypositive #klareansage #listenprofi

Lisa quickly settled into our office team and has already mastered the unfathomable world of purchasing. She is clever, always ready to help, and works quite conscientiously. In addition to procuring raw materials, her responsibilities also include providing support to our dealers and preparing the shipping documents. Her cheerful and courteous manner makes her extremely popular amongst her colleagues as well as our customers and business partners, who appreciate her respectful and friendly communication style.

This courtesy ends at the tennis court, however, because even when playing against friends for fun, Lisa's ambitions are clearly felt there. Lisa hates losing, and when that happens, you can almost see the steam coming out of her ears, like in the comics. 

Lisa also enjoys cycling tours, and her motto is "no pushing" – one stays in the saddle 'til the very end, no matter how slowly one pedals. And this has never caused her to tip over? She's not saying.