Ewalia's Franz Josef

Sex: Gelding
Age: 04/02/2017
Height: 175 cm
Breed: Hanoverian
Training: Dressage horse L
Pedigree: Fahrenheit x Herzensdieb

This is our Franz Josef!

“The beauty”,  first foal born on the farm, mother – Herzdame

Our Franz Josef was the first foal born at Ewalia Stables and naturally got lots of attention because of that. Even as a foal he loved to give out kisses and he still likes to be petted and cuddled. On the farm he’s known as “Franzi”, and Franzi has always loved being the centre of attention. The beautiful bay gelding moved well and knew how to present himself from an early age, so hopes were high right from the start. During photo shoots, Franzi knows just how to pose for the camera.

All eyes are on this beauty the moment he enters the arena; he is truly a sight to behold! At home, Franz Josef can be a bit skittery and sometimes he gets spooked at any little thing, but when in public he always shows his best side. At his first competition he could present himself in his full splendour and rise to the top. Because he was the first foal born at Ewalia, he’ll always have a special place in our hearts.